Preparing for a Successful School Fete or Charity Fundraiser - Face Paint FAQ with Kate

Preparing for a Successful School Fete or Charity Fundraiser - Face Paint FAQ with Kate

Face painting is a big attraction for young families at so many events and a school fete would simply not be as colourful without the face painting stall. The same goes for a charity fundraising event. 

Which leads me to a question we get here a LOT at Face Paint Shop Australia, and it goes something like this:

"Hi! We're organising a fundraiser for our school/charity and we plan to have a face painting stall... We expect around 200-300 kids on the day... but we're volunteers and we don't know where to start, what to paint, or what face paint kit to get... Can you help?"

Yes, we can! Watch the video below where I share some tips on how to turn your face painting stall into a successful (and fun) fundraiser. 

In the video, I explain the maths of fundraising with a face painting stall, how many face painters you need to make sure no kids go home disappointed on the big day, and what price to set so you can raise as much money as possible for your school or charity cause - even after you've paid for a quality face paint kit.

I also show you some simple designs that a beginner/volunteer face painter can paint - fast, fun and and easy, and no stress!

I share tips on managing the line to keep everyone in order, how to manage payments (and how much you might need for the float), how to display a face paint menu... and what you'll need at your face painting workstation.

Plus I have some quick and easy extra ideas you can add to your stall to raise even more money!

This video is the place to start if you're planning a face paint stall as a fundraiser.

Below are links to recommended kits and products, and my online course called "Learn How to Face Paint - Crash Course for Beginners". 

The course is available to buy separately, or is also included free with many of our kits and packs (read the product descriptions to make sure it's included in the kit you're interested in).

Recommended Kits

Each of the kits below has enough paint for at least 100 kids - assuming you're painting a variety of simple designs and not 100x spidermans. Remember: with water-activated face paint, a little goes a very long way! 

Recommended Add Ons

Online Learning

1st Sep 2022 Kate Matthews

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