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Q: Can you support my charity or event with a donation of products, or a discount?

Face painting is a colourful and fun for all ages, guaranteed to brighten up any event and put smiles on faces.

This makes it an excellent fundraising activity.

Starting with a basic face paint kit, you can quickly turn $99 into $300+ in just a few hours.

As a supplier of face paints, we often (sometimes daily) get asked to donate and/or discount our products for a wide variety of events and causes.

Unfortunately, as a small business, it's not possible to say yes to everyone who asks. For this reason, we have a policy to decline all requests for donations and charity discounts.

Instead, we have several pre-selected charities and causes that we choose to donate our money, time, and services to each year.

Of course, we wish you all the very best with your fundraiser or cause, and if you're looking for tips on how to make face painting at your event successful, we've created some resources to help you get started:


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