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Face Paint Shop Australia



About Us

Welcome to Face Paint Shop Australia

You are shopping with Australia's favourite specialty supplier of quality face paint and body art products.... for professionals, children's entertainers, childcare providers, schools, theatre companies, make-up artists, hobbyists, beginners, amateurs and volunteers. 

Our promise: To deliver outstanding service combined with the best range of quality face paint and body art supplies in Australia. Our mission: To share the art of happiness with the world and put smiles on faces.



Our Story...

At Face Paint Shop Australia, we're dedicated to making the world a more colourful, happy place through the art of face painting. Of course we couldn't do it without our wonderful customers, who are such an important part of our story. Our customers value the care we take when selecting and packaging our quality face paint and body art products. We know this because we enjoy lots of positive feedback via our website reviews, through social media as well as personal messages.

In fact, we've already earned more than 275x 5 star reviews for our service (via Facebook and our Website) - which is why we can confidently claim to be Australia's favourite supplier of face paint and body art supplies (no other retailer comes close). You can bet we've worked hard to earn our ranking as Australia's best!

Established in 2013, Face Paint Shop Australia is not a corporate store, nor a franchise. We're a family business and we've created it from the ground up to fulfill our dream of sharing our love of art with children, and the young at heart.

From humble beginnings, we now offer more than 1700 specialty face paint and body art supplies, featuring the world's most popular brands.

We have everything you need to work as a professional in the industry, fund-raise as a volunteer, or enjoy face painting for whatever reason at all. We don't sell toys or home-wares or other random products. But we do offer Australia's best range of specialist face and body art supplies, combined with expert advice you won't find at any discount, craft or toy store. So if you're looking for anything other than quality face paint and body art products, you're in the wrong place!

We pack and post 5 days a week, and send our products all over Australia and beyond, so you can be confident there will be no unnecessary delays in processing your order. Our warehouse is located in beautiful Yamba, Northern NSW - just a few minutes off the Pacific Highway. You're welcome to make a time to come by and say hello, have a chat, try out some paints and shop if you wish.

Who's behind the scenes?

That's me! Kate Matthews. I'm the girl with big ideas and crazy dreams; the one who imagines how we might deliver the best possible service to you, our wonderful customer. With the help and support of my partner, Rob (aka Pack Man), and of course our packing pixies, Flossie and Morgan, we do our best to make the magic happen.


I'd describe myself as a dreamer and sometimes even a do-er, with a very long list of things still to do. I grew up in the 'burbs of Sydney and moved to Byron Bay in 1994. That's where I met Rob, and together we've been ever since. We have three boys under 14, and five fur babies too. I love spending time with people who make me smile, perhaps that's why I was so instantly drawn to face painting when I discovered it, by accident, in 2011.


I've worked in the media industry for most of my career: in animation, newspapers, advertising, and more recently as a journalist for a regional newspaper. I also have a BA in Media and Communications.

Anyway, I started my face painting business in 2011, with a little stall at my local markets. I was on maternity leave at the time, and I had no idea where it would lead. I thought it was just for fun and a nice way to make a few extra dollars. But I quickly discovered it WAS a LOT of fun, and a GREAT way to earn a few extra dollars. I was hooked!

I soon realised I needed to work on my skills, so took a two-day class with Bec Anthony, which helped me see the immense value of training and how important it was to use the best quality products and tools. I could see how these things would not only assist my own skills, but how they would also be the key to improving standards across the industry.

So with this goal in mind, in 2013 I launched The Australian Face Painting School and Face Paint Shop Australia. In early 2015 I quit my job as a journalist to focus on the face painting industry full time.


Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of working closely with many of the world's best face painting instructors, and have organised national tours on behalf of Olga Murasev, Nick Wolfe, and Ronnie Mena, traveling Australia to help new and experienced face painters brush up on their face painting skills. I've instructed hundreds of students with my own style of face painting too; which is on the job, fast and fun.

Of course I'm very proud of the success of these two enterprises, and the positive effect they have had on not only my life, but the lives of many others. And so, the journey continues...

About the products we sell...

As a mum and professional face painter, my wish is that all kids can enjoy a safe and happy face painting experience. So when I see children painted with poor quality products, or I hear about a bad experience a child has had with 'crappy' face paint, it not only makes me feel sad but also concerned. Using the wrong type of paint is, at best, uncomfortable to wear on the skin - it itches and flakes and doesn't create a pleasing result. And at worst, some craft paints contain toxic chemicals which can cause adverse reactions, even lead poisoning, which definitely takes the fun out of face painting and will turn kids and their families away from face painting for life.

That's why every brand and product listed at has been carefully selected to ensure it meets our high standards. All the face paint we supply has been classified as non-toxic and skin-safe and contains only ingredients that comply with Australian Standards, as well as FDA and EU standards. Anything less just isn't worth it.


rainbow-tiger-sahara.jpgMany people look at face painting as just a fun activity for kids at the school fete, birthday parties or wherever... which is fine, because it is. But to me, face painting is also a great way to create happy memories, smiles, and allow kids to enjoy and experience art first-hand.

"Some may see us as only face painters, but I believe we are warriors of happiness", as master face painter and world champion body artist Nick Wolfe says.

Watching a child look in the mirror with wonder and delight is a magical experience for any face painter. And the happiness of a parent who gets to take that special, smiling photo (any parent knows how kids can be uncooperative for taking photos). And when those same kids come back and see me, month-after-month, year-after-year; well my heart swells with pride to know I have had such a positive and happy effect on their lives. It may be a small thing but nonetheless important. I always come home from a face painting gig satisfied, happy, and needing a long nap after making and receiving all that positive energy.

But more than making happy memories for children and families, face painting is a truly wonderful way to earn an income. Which is why my goal is to share and to inspire; to support and encourage anyone who wants to try face painting for themselves by giving them the best tools and knowledge to do it well and achieve the success and independence they desire. 

 "You can't buy happiness...

 but you can buy face paint and that's almost the same thing"

~ Kate Matthews, owner, Face Paint Shop Australia.

If you have a question or comment, or if there's something you can't find and would like us to get in stock, you can email us.

Happy painting, and hope to see you on Facebook or you can sign up for our awesome face painter's newsletter where we offer top secret specials, discounts, and competitions.


Face Paint Shop Australia is an online only store (but we do offer pick up on request)

 Here's a few of the benefits:

  1. We have low overheads so we pass the savings on to you;
  2. You can shop and ask questions 24/7 from the comfort and convenience of your own home, or office (we promise not to tell the boss). You can even shop from your smartphone or tablet, or within Facebook;
  3. You'll save petrol and time without having to travel to a physical store, plus we'll have your order delivered directly to you via Auspost;
  4. We can work any hour of the day or night (and often do);
  5. We get to enjoy an amazing lifestyle in beautiful Northern NSW. Sometimes we even get time to visit the beach. Hooray!


Did you make it to the end of my long story? Perhaps you skipped a bit, that's ok. You're probably not the only one!

Thought you might like to see my very first attempt at face painting when I was about 8 years old (I'm the little redhead on the left) Hehehe...


Pictured above: FPSA owner Kate Matthews, aged 8, with her cousin Vivienne (11), c. 1981

OK so my first attempt at face painting wasn't so great. I don't even remember it but my cousin Vivienne tells me we painted our own faces. We probably thought we looked great at the time but looking back it's pretty awful!

Fortunately times have changed and so has the availability of good quality, safe cosmetic face paint products.

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