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BRONZE Cosmetic Glitter Dust by Tag Body Art

  • BRONZE Cosmetic Glitter Dust by Tag Body Art
  • Cosmetic glitter bronze
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Cosmetic glitter dust is an essential in your makeup or face paint kit.


TAG ultra-fine, loose cosmetic glitter dust can be applied directly to skin, or on top of face paint for a fun and sparkly effect. Cosmetic glitters can also be applied over the top of fresh henna paste for a flash of colour. Cosmetic glitter can also be combined with cosmetic glue for awesome temporary tattoos that will last for days!


Bronze TAG Body Art Glitter is available in 3 sizes

  • small 15ml (12g)
  • medium 60ml (50g)
  • large 250ml (180g)cosmetic glitter bronze


  • Cosmetic-grade glitter ultra-fine dust is safe to use on the face and body
  • Precision cut 0.2mm particle size
  • Contains no metals
  • Contains no animal products
  • Made from PET

What is it for?

  • Use loose cosmetic glitter it to lightly dust or highlight your face paint designs
  • For a concentrated, glitter-glaze look, mix loose cosmetic glitter dust with gel (eg aloe)
  • Create your own custom festival glitter mix by combining colours and sizes. This can be used loose on or mixed with gel
  • Want your sparkle to last all day and all night? Apply it in combination with a cosmetic glue (eg pros-aide) - for amazing temporary glitter tattoos that will last for days (check out our huge range of glitter tattoo stencils, sold separately).
  • Best of all, our cosmetic glitter dust is available in a wide range of colours - ready to match any mood or look.
  • Which colours will you choose?


NOTE: use a pin to make a small hole in the tip of the bottle - this will allow for 'puffing' the glitter. If you prefer to pour the glitter rather than puff, make a larger hole with scissors.

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