Bolt Brushes

VELVET BLENDER - Bolt Brushes by Jest Paint



Ideal for applying loose or pressed powder makeup

  • The soft velvety cover over a foam center is perfect for picking up and apply powders
  • The large size compared to normal eyeshadow applicators allows for full face painting
  • No animals were harmed in the making of these blenders

Black Light Reactive Brush Handles

If you have ever painted using UV paints and were painting in the dark, you will know how hard it can be to find your brushes. These Bolt Brushes were designed to be bright, bold and easy to find in your kit or if you drop one in the grass, but they are extra perfect while painting under blacklights! Please note that the UV neon orange color may fade to lighter shades of orange after exposure to sunlight.

How to Use This Velvet Blender

Gently rub your blender back and forth across the powder cake or dip into loose powder and rub it around in the lid making sure to get an even coverage. Tap off any access powder and apply to the skin in circular or stroking motions. Take care washing these by dipping in warm soapy water and slightly pressing the powder out between your fingers.

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