SCALES - Galaxy TAP Face Painting Stencil



Face paint and body art stencils are ideal for adding fun design elements, fast! TAP face painting stencils are made in the USA and designed by Anna and Santi of Jestpaint. Now available at Face Paint Shop Australia!


  • 6x themed designs in one handy stencil - individual designs are approximately 4.5cm in size.
  • Total size of the stencil is approx 19.5cm in diameter
  • Made in the USA from quality mylar

How do I use it?

You can use Galaxy TAP stencils with an airbrush or sponge. If using an airbrush, position gun approximately 5cm away using a low pressure at a 90 degree angle from the stencil to avoid the paint going underneath. Be sure to keep the stencil firmly against the skin. If using a sponge, make sure the sponge is almost dry. A tacky paint is the ideal consistency. Once the sponge is loaded with paint, hold the stencil firmly against the skin and paint in a gentle dabbing motion. Take care to keep the stencil firmly in place against the skin. TIP: wipe and dry the back of your stencil in-between uses so that you have a clean surface before using on the next customer.



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