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Pros-Aide cosmetic adhesive body glue 60ml refill bottle (TAG)

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Pros-Aide is also a very strong, waterproof medical grade adhesive for use on prosthetics.

This 60ml squeeze bottle is an economical option for refilling an applicator vial.fpsa-tag-prosaide-60ml-wm.jpg

Pros-Aide is the professional's choice for cosmetic adhesive - lasts up to 5 days when used with ultra fine cosmetic glitter.

Body glue is the perfect partner for glitter tattoos and SFX makeup. Body glue cosmetic adhesive is a water-resistant medical adhesive, which can be used to apply cosmetic glitter, gems, and prosthetics to the body.

  • Body Glue can be removed with alcohol or oily products. 
  • Only use synthetic brushes to apply
  • Body Glue will ruin natural brushes.
HINT: You can tint body glue with a few drops of food coloring or face paint if you prefer to use it for freehand designs.
Allow the glue to dry and then adhere the gem.

Made by Admtronics, Pros-Aide glue does NOT contain latex, however if irritation occurs discontinue use.

Application Tips

  • Apply onto skin area where prosthetic will be placed, then apply onto prosthetic. Allow to dry, become tacky and clear before joining both surfaces. This is a 'contact' adhesive;
  • Remove with rubbing alcohol
  • Avoid eye area. 

Application Tips for Glitter Tattoos

  • Apply stencil to skin. Apply Pros-Aide to skin within the stencil. Allow to dry and become tacky before applying ultrafine cosmetic glitter. Press down firmly to ensure good contact has been made;
  • Remove stencil to reveal glitter tattoo;
  • Remove with rubbing alcohol;
  • Avoid eye area

Pros-Aide Ingredients

Water, Acrylic Emulsion, Glycerol, Guar Gum, Sorbitol, Benzyl Alcohol (as a preservative).



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