3 easy steps to removing face paint makeup

3 easy steps to removing face paint makeup

Did you enjoy Halloween? I know I did!

Seeing all those happy little monsters out and about with their families, walking the streets and being social (rather than at home with their tech) is a real treat for this old witch.

But after all the fun, the costumes, and the lollies, comes the time to remove the face paint makeup.

Of course it's best to do this before hitting the pillow... and if you follow my advice, you should avoid any tell-tale staining of the skin, or the linen.

Disclaimer: all face makeup and paints are not created equal; some are easier to remove than others. And I'm not an expert on laundry stain removal, so I can't help you there... But my tips should conquer most makeup without any lasting hard feelings, or tears.

Watch my video or follow the steps below.

Level One: Gentle Soap

Start with warm water and a gentle soap. Baby wash/shampoo is ideal, or a face wash. Wet the face washer, add some gentle soap, and wash the face. Take care around the eyes. Even though baby wash is formulated to be gentle, most of us... especially children, don't like getting ANYTHING in their eyes. If you have a face flannel or cloth, then use it to gently scrub the skin, otherwise you can use your fingers. 

Level Two: Oil

If there's any residue, it's time to level up to step two. Using a flannel, cotton pad, cotton ball, or makeup remover pad of your choice, apply a little oil (baby oil, cream, or coconut oil are great... but olive oil does the trick just as well) and rub over the stubborn stains. The oil picks up the pigments/paint and the stains come right off!

Level Three: Makeup Remover and/or Wipes

Ears, eyebrows, hairline, eyelids and creases can hold on to the colour. Here's where you use makeup remover or face wipes to get into those trouble spots without irritating the skin or eyes.

1st Nov 2018 Kate Matthews

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