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  • LAST IN LINE VEST - CHILD-SIZE fluoro yellow
  • LAST IN LINE VEST - CHILD-SIZE fluoro yellow
  • LAST IN LINE VEST - CHILD-SIZE fluoro yellow
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At the end of every busy face painting gig - especially those that are "free to the public" -  there comes a time to call it a day. But what if you still have kids in your line? As most experienced face painters will tell you: closing the face paint line can be really stressful. Especially if you're not well-prepared. It happens to nearly every face painter at some point - whiny kids (crying or in full-blown tantrum) and angry parents when the face painter says, "last one!". Or maybe you've found yourself working overtime, not wanting to disappoint anyone?face paint vest

While there's no way to avoid people who act irrationally, I'm sure you'll agree, our 'Last In Line' vest is hard to miss and will help remove any confusion and shut down arguments before they escalate.

Our new and improved vest has been designed by us and is *child size* - a great fit for ages 10 and under.

Keep one in your kit and when packing up time approaches, ask the last person waiting in line to wear it - now the message is clear: your line is closed!

Bonus: The bright colour of the vest makes it easy for you to watch the end of the line to check that it's shrinking and not growing.


  • This fluoro vest is bright yellow and can be seen at a distance
  • Artwork 'stop sign' is bold and the message is clear: "STOP! I'm last in line. Sorry, no more today"
  • Screen printed for durability
  • Sized small to fit child up to approximately 10 years old
  • Vest measures 45cm long x 40cm wide (at chest)
  • Designed by Face Paint Shop Australia
  • Made from durable polyester, washable

MY TIP: Here's how I close the line at the end of a busy gig.

1. Before the gig, I set a series of alarms at 15 minutes intervals, ie 1hr to go; 45min to go; 30min to go; 15min to go; time's up!

2. At each alarm, I take a moment to look up and check my line. How many people are waiting? Multiply that by my average painting time (eg 3-5 minutes)

3. If the number of people waiting x the average painting time is equal to or exceeds the time I have left for the booking, it's time to whip out the vest and close the line

4. Present the 'End of Line' Vest to the last person in line, or their adult guardian (which is a better option)

5. Ask them to advise anyone else who comes up to join the line that the line is closed, and let your last in line guest know they'll receive a special treat for helping out

6. Beginning at the end of the line, using a pen write a number of the child's wrist, starting at #1... this will serve as a countdown to you and also prevent anyone cutting in. No number, no paint!

7. When it's #1's turn, thank them with a special gift. I sometimes offer a small toy, a temporary tattoo, or similar. 

Here's some real life end of line experiences as described by face painters (before using our vest) 

"When you are packing up and someone comes with their child. (I) say, 'sorry but I am finished', and child drops to the ground throwing a massive tantrum, screaming at the top of his lungs and then gets so worked up that he ends up vomiting all over the ground. End up having to unpack and paint on his arm just to stop him from throwing his tantrum. End up leaving nearly an hour late." ~ Megan Patterson

"I was genuinely concerned that a grumpy father was going to punch me or something when I turned his child away on one of my first events. It scared me so much I painted way after finish times for the next few events until I got my confidence back up."~ Olivia Rogers

"At our local swimming pool Christmas Party, the mother leaves the child by the face painting table after I've already advised them that the line cut off has been made. She then comes back and assures him he will be getting it done, I advised again. 'sorry but I'm already past my end time and this is my last one'. She then says I've ruined Christmas, I shouldn't be here and that I had discriminated her son for not getting his face painted, in front of the other kids, she continues to banter her opinion of me and then says, when you're done here I'll fight you outside. I had security escort me to my car..." ~ Kimberley, WA

These nightmare situations are all real stories recounted by our customers! I designed our STOP vests to help face painters like you avoid situations like these. Ready to add one to your cart? 

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