UNICORN #3 Glitter Tattoo Stencils (x6) by Faketoos




Self-adhesive glitter tattoo stencils by Faketoos USA. This is a set of 6 stencils (1 design x 6 pieces)

Product Features:

    • Easy to apply in just a few simple steps
    • Design Size: 5cm x 5cm (approx)
    • This set includes 6 pieces of same design
    • Self-adhesive vinyl stencil featuring 3 layers
      • transparent cover
      • self-adhesive vinyl
      • backing
    • Intended for single use - ie 1x stencil = 1x person
    • Faketoos brand - made in the USA

About glitter tattoos

    • Glitter tattoos are a stunning body art accessory. Glitter tattoos are very popular with all ages, especially teenagers and kids who may feel too old (or cool) for face paint, but still want to enjoy something fun.
    • Glitter tattoos are excellent for fundraisers and parties, and they add an extra opportunity to earn cash for an an existing face painting business.
    • Easy to apply in just a few simple steps, glitter tattoos won't wash off in water and should stay in place for 2-5 days (if using the application method we recommend below).
    • Swimming at the beach, pool, or having a bath won't wash them off. And that makes glitter tattoos super popular for pool parties, coastal markets, and those summer days when it's too hot for face painting.
    • We have carefully selected the most popular glitter tattoo designs for my shop.
    • These are the best sellers and should give you a great return on investment.
    • The recommended retail price (at markets, festivals and fairs etc) is $5-7 each.
    • We also stock a wide range of cosmetic glitters, cosmetic glue (non latex), and glitter tattoo kits, sold separately.

How to Apply Glitter Tattoo Stencils

1. Select a site for the tattoo. Choose a firm area - we recommend biceps, wrist, or ankle for easy application. Soft areas can be tricky - you've been warned!

2. Clean the site (skin) with isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) and allow to dry. This removes any of the skins natural oils, or moisturiser etc that will prevent the glue from sticking;

3. Glitter tattoo stencils come in three layers. Peel off the bottom layer (the opaque backing), then

4. Place the tattoo stencil design on clean skin, keeping the clear layer in place as you position the stencil

5. Carefully remove the clear layer from the design

6. Next, apply a thin layer of cosmetic glue. The glue is usually white, and will dry clear. Allow the glue dry for 15 seconds or so before applying the glitter

7. While the glue is drying, consult with your client to select one more  more colours of cosmetic glitter

8. Using a foam eyeshadow applicator, scoop the glitter from the glitter pot* and press into the design.


*you can use a puffer bottle or small brush if you don't have a foam applicator

9. Press glitter firmly into the design, and make sure it has good contact with the glue;

10. Complete the design with more colours if you wish.

11. Peel back the coloured stencil and the design will be revealed for all to admire!


Things to Note

    • Stencils are self adhesive and single use only (for hygiene reasons)
    • Use cosmetic glue, available separately
    • Use loose cosmetic glitter, available separately
  • Remove glue/glitter with rubbing alcohol, or moisturiser/cream/oil


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