STAR JUMBLE Large Glitter Tattoo Stencils (x6) by Faketoos

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Glitter tattoos are simply stunning! Temporary body art that lasts for 3 to 5 days in normal conditions and they won't wash off in water. Swimming at the beach, pool, or having a bath is no problem! Glitter tattoos are very popular with all ages, and are very easy to apply. Mums, teens, tweens, girls, and boys love them. Glitter tattoos can be a great stand-alone fundraiser for school fetes and events, or a great add on to an existing face painting business.

These popular glitter tattoo designs have been carefully selected to give you a great return on investment.

The recommended retail price (at markets, festivals and fairs etc) is $5-10 each.

We also stock a wide range of cosmetic loose glitters and cosmetic glue (non latex).


  • 3 layers - transparent cover + quality self-adhesive vinyl + backing
  • Intended for single use
  • Design Size: 5cm x 10cm (approx) - ideal for upper arms (awesome for biceps)
  • Sold in multiples of 6

Tips for applying glitter tattoo stencils

  1. Clean the skin with isopropyl alcohol (avail from the chemist);
  2. Glitter tattoo stencils come in three layers. Peel off the opaque backing layer...
  3. Place the tattoo on the site;
  4. Remove the clear layer;
  5. Apply a thin layer of cosmetic glue.
  6. It should be dry and tacky (clear) before the glitter is applied;
  7. Select one or more colours of cosmetic glitter and apply with either a eyeshadow applicator, brush, or puffer bottle;
  8. Press down firmly to ensure the glitter has good contact with the glue;
  9. Peel back the stencil and the design will be revealed
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