Modeling Putty/Wax by Mehron 38g

  • Modeling Putty/Wax by Mehron 38g
  • Modeling Putty/Wax by Mehron 38g
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Modeling Wax/Putty developed by Mehron is used by Special Effects Makeup Artists to create 3-dimensional effects for character makeup.

Mehron has developed a new softer formula that gives Modeling Wax/Putty greater flexibility and is easier to use when creating finer details. Modeling Wax/Putty can be applied using Spirit Gum or Fixative “A”, another Mehron exclusive. This Modeling Wax/Putty is used throughout the entertainment industry by Professional Makeup Artists and Special Effects Artists because of its molding ability. The new formula developed by the Mehron Research Team makes Modeling Wax/Putty a great product for aspiring Special Effects Artists. Drama students and Drama Teachers love using the Mehron Modeling Wax/Putty to bring the Professional Touch to their productions. Special Effects Makeup Modeling Putty/Wax is a favourite on Broadway for daily use when special effects are needed for stage productions. Modeling Wax is a special effects wax used by makeup artists to smooth the edges on prosthetics, to block out eyebrows, and to transform the face by adding features, bumps and protrusions. Modeling Wax and SynWax are interchangeable, with modeling wax being more soft and supple, being made from natural waxes eg beeswax. It's easy to mold in your hands. As you handle modeling wax, the heat from your hands softens it, and the wax will harden once it is applied to the character. Modeling wax is safe to use, durable and easily removed when finished. SPATULA NOT INCLUDED

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