Face Paint Club Challenge

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Join our
Face Paint Club Challenge
for the chance to win a $25 gift card each week, and a $500 gift card in our Mega Prize Second Chance Draw

Get your entries in before the timer runs out


Eligible entries must be in the current theme (see below) and uploaded before the closing date and time.

How to Enter?

Each week we'll publish a new collection (theme) of face paint designs, and/or a video tutorial, to inspire you.

This week's theme is: Dragon

You paint something related to the theme, take a photo or video, and share it with us (following the instructions below).

Eligible entries will go into our Second Chance Mega Draw, to win a $500 gift card.

They'll also be in the running to win a weekly prize draw for a $25 gift card.

A New Theme Each Week

Each week a new chance to win a $25 Gift Card. 

Each Friday our team will review the latest entries for the theme. If your entry is eligible, your photo or video may be published in our art gallery, and your name added to a spinning wheel. This is not a talent quest.

Winner will be announced on our website, email newsletter, and in our Face Paint Club.

Read competition terms and conditions here.

Entry Checklist

Share your photo or video with the hashtag

✅ Read the terms and conditions of entry

✅ When you post, use the hashtag #facepaintclubchallenge

✅ You can post to Instagram and/or our Facebook group

✅ If you're a member of our learning community - share your entry in the space called "Weekly Challenge" 

✅ Your entry must be in the current theme and posted by the closing date/time each week (ie 11.59pm Sydney time)

Don't Forget: eligible entries must be in the current theme and uploaded before the closing date and time.

Entries Close in


$500 Second Chance Mega Draw

All eligible entries will be included in our bonus mega draw for a $500 gift card. The winner of our mega draw will be announced on 15 December 2023

The more themes you enter, the greater your chance to win our Second Chance Mega Draw.

Please read competition terms and conditions before entering.

Who Won?

Remember, this is not a talent quest. We encourage participation not competition. The only face painter you should compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday

The only face painter you should compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday.
Practising a variety of designs and techniques will help you improve your skills and enjoyment - of any craft or activity, especially face painting.
Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfection is a myth, just like a unicorn.
Knowing this allows us to enjoy the simple process of learning and practising, without the strain of aiming for perfection, and the disappointment this expectation creates.
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