Australian Consumer Law

Australian Consumer Law

Our products, and all transactions made using this website, are guaranteed by Australian Consumer Law which cannot be excluded, including guarantees that the products are of acceptable quality. In the unlikely event that you receive products from us that do not comply with the consumer guarantees, will will provide you with a refund or exchange based on the below:

* If we consider the product has a major failure under Australian Consumer Law (eg the product is unsafe, does not fit the description or is not fit for purpose), you can return it and receive your choice of a refund or exchange;

* If we consider the product has a minor failure under Australian Consumer Law (eg the product packaging is damaged but it does not affect the safety or use of the product), we will provide you with our choice of refund, store credit, or exchange.

Face Paint Shop Australia will require proof of purchase before providing a remedy under Australian Consumer Law.

Consumer guarantees cannot be excluded or limited and are in addition to any manufacturer's warranties given to you.

NOTE: Where a product is damaged through misuse, accident or abnormal use, Australian Consumer Law or any manufacturer's warranty may not apply and Face Paint Shop Australia may choose not to provide a refund, credit or exchange.


Using professional quality face and body art products and tools requires a level of skill and adherence to proper technique.

For example, adding too much water to your face and body paints and/or not allowing them to dry properly between use is the main cause of face paint becoming gooey (click here for more info).

This is NOT considered to be a manufacturing fault.

Likewise, if brushes are left sitting in water, the bristles are likely to bend or split.

It is recommended that you take some time to research and understand the necessary steps required to care for your products and tools as well as proper techniques. 

A good starting point is our detailed product descriptions and blog. Instructions for use can also be found on the manufacturer's label (face and body paint). For further tutorials, YouTube is a fantastic resource for both new and experienced face painters.

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