WHITE Face and Body Paint Makeup by Global Colours

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  • Global Colours Face Paint White 32g
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 32g
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 32g
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 32g label
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 90g
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 90g
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 20g
  • Global Colours Face Paint White 20g
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Available in 3 sizes, matte white professional grade face and body paint. Water activated, skin safe, non toxic formula.

Global Colours Body Art is an Australian-owned company, offering reliability and performance at a competitive price.

With an optimised the wax/pigment balance to ensure sharp, consistent line-work and improved the drying properties to ensure your cake consistency remains perfect after multiple uses. Global Colours’ White is highly pigmented, with a rich opacity, even over dark colours. 

Available in 20g, 32g, and 90g pots, Global Colours’ White is the perfect white you’ve been looking for.


  • Skin-safe non-toxic cosmetic-grade face and body paint
  • Water-activated - a little goes a long way = great value
  • Vibrant, opaque regular/matte colour
  • Paraben free, Fragrance free, Gluten free
  • Vegan, not tested on animals
  • Highly pigmented, bright colours
  • Reliable even in hot and humid climates
  • Easy to remove
  • Made in an ethical facility with safe working conditions
  • In recyclable packaging
  • Compliant with all worldwide safety regulations (FDA, EU & ASTM)

How to Use

  • Add a small amount of clean water to your brush or sponge and activate the face paints to a creamy consistency
  • Apply to skin - the paint will dry quickly 
  • Paint colours can be layered - allow first colour to touch dry before applying the next colour

How to Remove

  • Remove from skin with gentle soap and water and a soft cloth
  • Use makeup remover, moisturiser or similar to gently remove any residue

Additional Notes and Manufacturer's Advice:

  • Always read the label and follow manufacturer's advice
  • Allow paint to dry before covering and storing in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place
  • Shelf life is approx 18 months after first use (pro tip: use a permanent marker to note the date of opening on the bottom of your jar or label)
  • Children under 8 years old should be supervised by an adult
  • Avoid contact with fabrics. These highly pigmented products may stain.

Ingredients and Safety

  • This product is hypo-allergenic. But even the best quality skin safe cosmetic products may cause an allergic reaction. Always read the label, test before first use and discontinue if rash develops.
  • Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old - this product may be a choking hazard, as it contains small parts
  • MSDS (material data safety sheet) available for download here

About Global Colours

Global Colours is an innovative Australian owned business established in 1992 with a strong commitment to first class range of face and body art products. State of the art formulas, vivid pigments, and distinctive packaging are features of this brand. 

Global Colours’ face and body paint features bold, vivid colours and a smooth consistency, Global Colours’ paints are ideal for face and body art. The Global Colours range contains over 55 vibrant shades including UV reactive, metallic and pearl colours. Global Colours’ face and body paint cakes are easily activated with water, dry to a velvety finish in under a minute, and stay bold, bright and smudge-free result.

Global Colours is a market leader, famous for the quality and safety of their face and body art products for over 25 years. 100% Australian owned, the range is used by professional artists and on movie sets worldwide. Global Colours insist on ethical working conditions in their supply chain, environmental responsibility in their packaging and production, health prioritisation in their ingredient selection and affordable pricing for their customers. The result is a premium quality product that is imbued with heart. Global Colours BodyArt Cakes are made in Taiwan.

Disclaimer: due to variations in lighting, cameras, screen settings, and batches, any colours represented in our product images are approximate and are intended for display purposes only

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