TAG sponges (12 pink)

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TAG set of 12 pink half round sponges

Quality sponges are essential for any face painter. High density, yet soft and pliable, Tag's sponges measure 70mm diameter, the perfect fit for 50g rainbow and split cakes. Being washable, TAG's pink face painting sponges will stand the test of time - you can use them again, and again, and again... simply wash well between each use and allow to dry thoroughly. We recommend using one sponge per person (minimum) for hygiene reasons. sponges-12.jpg

TIP: When face painting with a sponge, if you wish to have an airbrush look, try using a sponge in a tapping or dabbing motion.

CLEAN UP: I use a netted laundry bag - I pop my used sponges in as I go, then zip it up, take it home and wash it on a hot setting (60 degrees or more) in the washing machine (with soap). This helps to kill bacteria. After the wash, I air dry my bag of sponges in the sunshine for a few hours - this also helps to eliminate bacteria.... and then they're ready to go for my next face painting gig.


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