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Face Paint Shop Australia Order Processing and FAQs

What happens when you place an order with us?

The first thing we do is celebrate with a fist-pump and high-fives all round. Whether it's your first time shopping with us, or your 27th, we're always excited to take care of you. And when we're done high-fiving, we'll print out your order list for the attention of our Packing Pixies. From this point, the white gloves are on and it's time for serious business.

1. Picking

We don't waste any time. Most orders will be picked, packed and posted on the same (business) day.

  • Customers may be asked via email to double confirm their first order prior to processing - this is to ensure accuracy and prevent fraud via chargebacks.
  • Orders confirmed BEFORE 1pm AEST* will most likely be processed on the same business day, with priority given to orders that have EXPRESS shipping
  • Orders confirmed AFTER 1pm AEST* may be processed on the next business day
  • While we guarantee fast processing of your order at our warehouse, we DO NOT GUARANTEE delivery times. These are provided as an estimate by Australia Post.

In any case, your order will be hand-picked from our shelves, one-by-one, and inspected for quality by our most remarkable Packing Pixies, Morgan and Flossie (under supervision of Rob, our chief packing man).

*daylight savings adjusted where appropriate

2. Packing

Next, each item will be carefully packed as per our high standards.

  • Our products are fragile: we protect them with bubble wrap then place them securely in a cardboard box and finally in a waterproof satchel
  • We send thousands of orders every year and have found this is the most reliable way to ensure your goods arrive in their best condition
  • Feedback from our customers informs us that this is the case

Minimal Packaging > We're mindful of our environmental footprint and the need to reduce > reuse > recycle.

  • We choose recycled paper products and recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • If your delivery includes airbags or packing peanuts, these have been recycled from packaging we have received from our suppliers (we never buy these things).
  • Sometimes we scrunch up paper off-cuts to fill in the spaces.

In response to feedback from our customers, we are now offering you the choice to skip the plastic packaging ie bubble wrap and/or satchels.

  • If you would prefer us to use minimal plastics and NO bubble wrap, email us with your order number ASAP and let us know your preference.
  • If we haven't already packed your order, we'll happily accommodate your wishes.
  • If you order regularly from us, you can also make a note in the order comments next time.

NOTE: since your parcel will be traveling alongside (and often underneath) other heavier parcels and handled by machinery, without what we believe is adequate protection, we can't guarantee your special delivery will arrive in the same condition as we packed it. IF you request minimal packaging, YOU accept this risk. And in accepting this risk, you acknowledge/agree that Face Paint Shop Australia can not be held liable for goods damaged in transit.

  • As such, damaged goods will not be replaced or refunded UNLESS they are packed to our high standards.
  • In short: Face Paint Shop Australia assumes the risk for goods 'packed to our standards' and will refund/replace them if in the unlikely case they arrived damaged. If you forgo our careful packaging, you accept the risk.

3. Delivery

When it's time to send your package on it's merry way, we whistle for our sweetest unicorn, Sparkles. After loading it aboard her golden carriage, we tearfully wave goodbye, hoping and wishing for your special delivery to arrive with you swiftly and safely.

You're kidding me...

We take our commitment to providing you with first-class customer service and fast order processing serious. Besides, unicorns and pixies can be notoriously unreliable. When Sparkles isn't available, we use Australia Post to carry and deliver your goods. 

  • We'll email you a tracking number when ready to confirm your order has been prepared and is ready for dispatch
  • If you provided us with a mobile number, you'll receive an SMS from Australia Post to let you know when you can expect it to arrive
  • Don't panic if Auspost gives you a delivery date beyond what you expected. In our experience, they usually over estimate delivery times, causing some anxious customers to freak out unnecessarily
  • We pack and post daily, Monday to Friday (excluding NSW public holidays, or otherwise noted on our website)
  • We DO NOT GUARANTEE delivery times, these are only provided as an estimate
  • Once our mailbag leaves our shop at 2pm AEST*, we have no control over what happens after our parcels are lodged with our local post office
  • Since we launched in 2013, we've picked, packed and posted more than 22,000 parcels. Most of them arrive within the estimated time-frame (May the odds ever be in your favour)
  • If your parcel hasn't arrived in reasonable time, please let us know and we'll ask Auspost to investigate.
  • You can also refer to our website re: Delivery and Returns for further details and even more fun FAQs like these.

Did you select pay by Bank Deposit aka Purchase Order?

If not, you can skip this part... otherwise, you should be aware that your order will not be processed until payment has cleared. If you require a ProForma or Tax Invoice prior to making a payment, please reply to your confirmation email and request one. We'll send it to you as soon as we can, usually within one business day.

Is your order a Gift?

A printed copy of your Tax Invoice will be included with each delivery/goods. If this order is a gift, or you'd prefer us not to include the Tax Invoice with your delivery, please let us know ASAP so we can make sure not to remove it before packing. We can email you a digital copy.


Q. Can I add something to my order before it's shipped, without paying extra for postage?

  • Yes! But since we pick, pack and post without delay, you'll need to act fast.
  • If you've already received a notification that your order is being packed, it may be too late. If this is the case, please reply to this email and check with us first.
  • Generally, the simplest way to add items to an existing order is to create a NEW order. Then select 'pick up in store' (which is free).
  • We'll join the dots and combine your orders in the one delivery. 
  • Due to the high volume of orders we process on a daily basis, if you place a second order on the same day (and you don't email us to let us know you're placing a second order), it may not be possible to combine your orders. In which case we may need to charge you additional shipping fees.

Q. What if a product doesn't meet my expectations?

We hope that you will be delighted with your purchase from Face Paint Shop Australia. We take great care to select our specialty range of face and body art supplies. Safety, value and performance are paramount in the products we choose to offer.

If a product doesn't meet your expectations, please get in touch ASAP.

To make a claim for damaged or faulty goods, visit Delivery and Returns for detailed information on our policies and how to make a claim.

  • Our products, and this transaction, is guaranteed by Australian Consumer Law.
  • If you have feedback on any product, please don't hesitate to share it with us. Good or bad.
  • Your honest experience allows us to make better informed choices when managing our inventory, so our customers - like you, can shop with full peace of mind.
  • Put simply: we have a "3 strikes and it's out policy". This means, if we receive more than 3 complaints from our customers regarding any product, we notify the manufacturer and discontinue selling that product until these concerns can be resolved.

Q. What if an item is out of stock?

  • We do our best to keep our website inventory accurate, however from time-to-time, it's not. If so, we'll send you a SMS and/or email notification 'out of stock advice', and ask you how to proceed.
  • If we don't receive a reply within 48 hours, we may provide a refund on that item and/or send you the closest possible alternative at our discretion.
  • Please ensure your contact info is accurate so we can get in touch if needed.

Q. Where to I find my tracking details?

  • We will email tracking details when we create an label for your parcel with Auspost.
  • You'll find a link in that email where you can check your Tracking Updates directly with Auspost.
  • You can also check the status of your order, or your tracking information, any time by logging into your store account.
  • Please ensure your contact details are accurate.
  • If you include your mobile number, Australia Post will send your tracking updates via SMS.


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