NSW Creative Kids vouchers 2022

NSW Creative Kids vouchers 2022

nsw creative kids face paint kits

2022 NSW Creative Kids Vouchers - Important Update 1/3/22

Important update: As of March 1, 2022, Service NSW and Create NSW has revised the Creative Kids program.


As a result, we are no longer able to accept vouchers for art materials (all Creative Kids providers must comply with the updated terms and conditions). But we can still accept vouchers for online lessons - see below.


We understand that this will be very disappointing to many families.

We've been involved in the Creative Kids program for the past 18 months, and we've sent our Creative Kids face paint packs to kids all over New South Wales. 


As a result, we've received many hundreds of emails and reviews from parents who have expressed joy at seeing their kids getting colourful and creative with face paint.


Please be assured, we remain 100% committed to making kids smile.


And we'll continue to offer our high quality face paint packs for everyone's enjoyment.


At, that's what we've been doing since 2013 - and we have no plans to stop now.

You can check out our range of high quality face paint kits and packs here


There are options for all budgets, and our face paint packs and kits make unique gifts, especially for creative kids and teens.


But in regards to us accepting Creative Kids vouchers: the terms of the program as at 1/3/22 permit us only to accept them for live online art lessons.


The good news is: we are already working on some exciting new classes and courses and we hope these will be ready soon.


But for now, we have decided to pause our participation in the creative kids program so we can focus our full attention on planning and production


Before you go, don't forget to take a look at our range of professional quality face paint kits and packs - and read our reviews


:) Kate Matthews


Face Paint Shop Australia

Specialisting in Quality Face Paint and Body Art Supplies since 2013

Face Paint School

Face Paint Shop Australia is a registered Creative Kids provider with Service NSW. 

2022 NSW Creative Kids vouchers can be redeemed with us as $100 credit to reduce the cost of joining our Face Paint School.

Creative kids and creative teens will enjoy face painting at home. Our lessons feature popular designs for kids.

To learn more about the NSW Government Creative Kids initiative, and to see if your child qualifies for a voucher in 2022 visit Service NSW

NOTE: As of 1 March, 2022, we cannot accept Creative Kids vouchers in exchange for art materials or art packs. We can ONLY accept Creative Kids vouchers in exchange for live online lessons. Likewise, we can only accept current 2022 Creative Kids vouchers and we cannot accept Active Kids vouchers.

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