Mehron SCARRING LIQUID rigid collodion - with brush

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NOTE: this product is flammable and cannot be carried by air, therefore we cannot send it express or internationally. If you select express shipping, the parcel will travel by road.

Create realistic scars in a flash with Mehron Rigid Collodion scarring liquid that dries and puckers the skin.

4ml bottle with applicator.


Apply a thin line to “fleshy” skin with the brush included in the cap. This allows the product to pucker the skin (if the skin is too tight, scar will not be as successful). For deeper scars, apply several coats after each previous one has dried. To create an old scar, use a medium brown paint or powder and lightly put colour down the middle. Use a brush to spread and soften the colour. To make a fresher scar, apply a pink colour and then brush out. This will also eliminate any shine. Can also be used with fake blood for added gore!



Remove by peeling off from skin. Use Spirit Gum Remover to dissolve any remaining product followed by soap and water.



Mehron Makeup is specifically formulated to contain only approved cosmetic ingredients that are gentle on the skin. All products are manufactured under the strictest safety guidelines and are compliant with EU and FDA Toy and Cosmetic standards.


All make up products are specially designed to be gentle, even to the most delicate types of skin. 

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