Glitter Tattoo Christmas Kit

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  • Christmas stencils temp tattoos bundle


Temporary Glitter Tattoos are always a big hit with kids (and kids at heart). It's so easy to get fabulous results, even an 8yo can do it.

This Christmas Party Glitter Tattoo Kit includes a fun range of Christmas-themed stencils to get the party started!

This glitter tattoo kit includes

  • 20 vinyl stencils (self adhesive, single use)
  • Cosmetic glitter 12g each (5 colours - Ruby Red, Dark Gold, Silver, Emerald Green and Electric Blue)
  • 1x 8ml cosmetic glue with applicator

How many tattoos can you create with this pack? There are 20x single use stencils in this variety pack of Christmas Glitter Tattoos, which means you can create a total of 20x tattoos (for hygiene reasons, we don't recommend re-using the stencils).

However, this set includes enough glitter and glue for many more tattoos! Our best guestimate is up to 100x tattoos, but for to do this, you'll need extra stencils - you can find those here or select your peferred option as an "add on" , above our add to cart button.

How to Remove 

These glitter tattoos (and cosmetic glue) are designed to stay on for several days so they won't wash off in water. But they are easily removed with any of the following products you are likely to have in the bathroom or kitchen cupboards:
  • rubbing alcohol (eg isopropyl) 
  • an oil-based moisturiser (eg vitamin e cream)
  • or any other type of oil, eg jojoba, almond oil, even sunflower or olive oil
Just gently rub the oil (or alcohol) over the design and it should begin to lift and dissolve immediately, no scrubbing needed.


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