Face Painter Pro Starter Kit - featuring Tag Body Art Australia

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  • Face Painter Pro Starter Kit - featuring Tag Body Art Australia
  • TAG pro starter face paint kit
  • Face Painter Pro Starter Kit - featuring Tag Body Art Australia
  • Face Painter Pro Starter Kit - featuring Tag Body Art Australia
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This Face Painter Pro Starter Kit is designed for work and play


This Pro Starter Face Paint Kit featuring TAG Face and Body Paint has been one of our best sellers since we introduced it almost 6 years ago. Here's how our customers describe it:

5-stars.jpg "Amazing Product! This is the fist time ordering face paint in general and this kit has been a game changer! Each product lives up to expectations and I'm so excited to do more looks and expand my business." ~ Rebecca

5-stars.jpg "Face Painting Perfection! Excellent starter kit for a novice! Has everything you need and a quality not to complain about! Simply perfect!" ~ Tracey

5-stars.jpg "Fantastic products, perfect for my highly allergic skin" ~ Kelly

5-stars.jpg "Perfect for a hobbyist or someone looking to try out face painting. Love how complete the set is on it's own. It's got everything I needed to give face painting a go as a weekend playtime with family. The paints go on very easily and the brushes are very gentle on the skin. The sponges pick up the colours easily and goes on smoothly on the skin. Love it. The variety of colours in the rainbow cakes are also helpful for me as I explore various designs" ~ Yining

5-stars.jpg "Great for beginners. This is the kit  I started with and is perfect for a beginner like me. It looks professional and there are so many designs I can paint, feels like I have everything I need. The quality is really good too." ~ Melissa

Putting together a pro-level, working face paint kit isn't easy for a novice. With a seemingly endless array of colours and brands to choose from, brushes, sponges, glitters and more... figuring out exactly what you need get overwhelming, fast. But with our FABulous face paint set, you can kiss confusion goodbye. Offering a great return on your investment, this kit includes enough paint and glitter for several hundred faces and should pay for itself within the first few hours of work (assuming you charge a minimum of $5 per design). This face paint starter kit is perfect for anyone who plans to launch a rewarding small business, or as an upgrade to the smaller face painter at home kit (sold separately). We think this set would also be a sure-fire hit for childcare providers, schools, fairs, fundraising events, and theatre productions. It has everything you need, minus the overwhelm of putting it together yourself.

Backed by our 5-Star service and expertise, this set is ideal for beginners to professionals. This face paint set is a wonderful gift idea for any artist, guaranteed to delight! We recommend ages 8 and up; but with the help of an adult, younger children will also enjoy many hours of creative fun with this lovely face paint set. No previous experience needed!

Please read the features and description below for more information about this product. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Includes a set of "face cards" with video demos: how to paint the most popular face paint designs

Skin-safe 100% non-toxic cosmetic-grade face and body paint and glitter

1x 50g rainbow cake, as pictured

3x one-stroke cakes, as pictured

10x colours (30g each) red, orange, yellow, royal blue, light blue, green, light green, pink, purple, lilac

1 x black (30g each) & 1 x white (30g each)

1 x large flat brush (3/4 inch perfect for the rainbow cakes)

1 x small round brush

1 x medium round brush

1x large round brush

12 x half round washable face paint sponges

6 x petal-shaped face paint sponges

1x 15g cosmetic glitter holographic white

Total Retail Value $186.12


Who is this palette for?

Whether face painting for fun, for fundraising, or for profit, this handy set of 10 colours plus 6 rainbow cakes is a great starting point, without compromising on quality. This is the same brand used by professional face painters. These products are not available in your local discount or general store. With so many options, this palette will give you the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of face painting. Activate with water and apply with a brush and/ or sponges. This palette is ideal for make-up artists, sports team supporters, parties for children, festivals and fairs.

How to Use:

Add a small amount of clean water to your brush or sponge and activate the face paints to a creamy consistency

Watch our videos (exclusive online tutorials supplied with face cards) for step by step demos of some of the most popular face paint designs

Remove from skin with gentle soap and water. Use a soft cloth and some baby oil/coconut oil/makeup remover to remove any residue with ease

Additional Notes and Advice:

Allow to dry before storing in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place

Shelf life is approx 18 months after first use (tip: use a permanent marker to note the date of opening on the bottom of your jar or label)

Children under 8 years old should be supervised by an adult

Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old - this product may be a choking hazard, as it contains small parts

This product is hypo-allergenic. But even the best quality skin safe cosmetic products may cause an allergic reaction. Discontinue if rash develops

Avoid contact with fabrics. These highly pigmented products may stain.

Why Buy Quality Face Paint and Body Art Products from Face Paint Shop Australia?

Have you ever watched a pro face painter at work and wondered, could I do that? Maybe you've tried face painting before and struggled to achieve the results you expected. If so, my guess is you’ve been using an inferior product… maybe you bought it from a discount, craft or general store? The truth is, there’s a HUGE difference in quality between cheap face paints and the products the professionals use. If you’re a pro, I bet you’re nodding right now! The good news is… you’ve found us! We’re the preferred supplier to professional face painters and makeup artists all over Australia. Here's why:

Best quality specialist skin-safe products

Backed with expert advice

5 star service (read our reviews)

We look after beginners, professionals, and everyone in-between

Our promise is “selected with care | delivered with love”

Quick delivery (read our delivery & returns policy here)

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