BOLT FIRM THIN Round #3 Face Painting Brush by Jest Paint

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Bolt's #3 Crisp round brush is perfect for making swirls and teardrops as well as detailed line work.


  • These brushes have a firm bounce synthetic bristle
  • Painted wooden UV reactive neon orange handles
  • 16.5cm long (approx) from tip to end
  • No animal products

How to use?

Begin by dipping your BOLT brush in clean water then activate your face paint to a creamy consistency. Spin the tip in the paint as you lift off the point to create a pointy point!

What is this brush best for?

This Bolt face painting brush is ideal for making small swirls and twirls, teardrops and highly detailed line work. This brush has a thinner body than the crisp line #1.

Additional info:

No animals were hurt for the production of these brushes. These brushes were made in China.



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